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  • The Smeg Blast Chiller - Convenience | Smeg AU

    National Training Manager Rodney Manauzzi takes you through the latest innovation in kitchen technology

  • The Smeg Blast Chiller - Entertaining | Smeg AU

    Smeg's National Training Manager Rodney Manauzzi offers his tips for easy entertaining with the Smeg Blast Chiller

  • The Smeg Blast Chiller - Meal preparation | Smeg AU

    Smeg's National Training Manager Rodney Manauzzi offers his tips for effortless meal preparation with the Smeg Blast Chiller.

  • Smeg Portofino Triple fan technology with Dynamic Airflow | Smeg AU

    Tailored Dynamic Airflow engineering ensures even cooking throughout each shelf, corner-to-corner of the Portofino with three fans circulating air efficiently over five cooking levels

  • Smeg Portofino collection | Smeg AU

    Integrating the opulence of the Italian Riviera with the excellence of world-class kitchen technology, Smeg delivers the perfect cooking companion with its Portofino collection

  • Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Underbench Wine Cellar | Smeg AU

    In cooperation with expert sommeliers and using the latest technology and finest oak, Smeg cellars control temperature, humidity, UV protection and vibration to correctly store and age wine, so all that hard harvesting work doesn’t go to waste.

  • Smeg Compact Wine Cellar | Smeg AU

    Inspired by wine culture and the importance of its preservation, Smeg has developed a new range of innovative wine cellars, made entirely in Italy.

  • Thermoseal oven technology | Smeg AU

    Thermoseal is Smeg’s superior combination of technologies to create a unique cooking environment where perfect results are assured, every time. This is the science behind the superb, consistent results - succulent roasts, delicate pastry and beautiful baking.

  • Neale Whitaker talks Smeg's design choice | Smeg AU

    Love It Or List It host and interior designer Neale Whitaker discusses the design choice offered by Smeg

  • From the Farm - Mimosa Valley Lamb | Smeg AU

    Mimosa Valley Lamb is located in the Riverina and run by the Reid family, who have been farming the land for over one hundred years. Created in partnership with Carriageworks Farmers Market

  • From the Farm - The Pines Dairy | Smeg AU

    The Pines Kiama has been farmed by the Grey family since 1854. Beautiful smoothies made with our blender are just one way to enjoy their luscious dairy products. Created in collaboration with Carriageworks Farmers Market.

  • Espresso Coffee Machine | Smeg AU

    Take a look at the new Smeg espresso coffee machine

  • Hand Blender | Smeg AU

    Take a look at the new Smeg hand blender

  • Stand Mixer | Smeg AU

    Take a look at the Smeg stand mixer

  • 3 Tips for designing your new kitchen | Smeg AU

    Smeg's National Marketing Manager Olivia Anderson gives you 3 tips to help you design your dream kitchen


  • How to Videos | Smeg AU

    Quick videos to help you use your Smeg appliances

  • Fast Ed talks Thermoseal | Smeg AU

    "Fast Ed” Ed Halmagyi Road Tests Smeg Thermoseal

  • Smeg Brand Video | Smeg AU

    Take a brief look at the history, design and technology of Smeg

  • Smeg Linea Aesthetic | Smeg AU

    Have a look at one of Smeg's most iconic ranges

  • Dolce&Gabbana small appliance video | Smeg AU

    Take a look at the brand new Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana small appliances

  • Watch the video > | Smeg AU

    Chef Luca Ciano shows how powerful cooking with Smeg induction cooktops can be.

  • speed oven video | Smeg AU

    Cooking with the Smeg Speed Oven

  • Smeg new innovations: 60cm Classic pyro oven | Smeg AU

    60cm Classic pyro ovens

  • Smeg new innovations: Steam and Combi steamer | Smeg AU

    Steam and Combi steamer

  • Video - Smeg Stand Mixer: Quality and Features | Smeg AU

    Smeg Stand Mixer: what’s new? How does it compare?

  • Video - Smeg Stand Mixer: A look at the design | Smeg AU

    Smeg Stand Mixer: A look at the design

  • Video - Smeg Stand Mixer: How to make pasta | Smeg AU

    Find out how easy and relaxing it is to make your very own pasta at home...

  • Video - Smeg Stand Mixer: How to clean | Smeg AU

    Keeping your Smeg Stand Mixer in pristine condition is super-easy, we show you how.