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Smeg Thermoseal

Thermoseal is Smeg’s superior combination of technologies to create a unique cooking environment where perfect results are assured, every time. This is the science behind the superb, consistent results - succulent roasts, delicate pastry and beautiful baking.

A Smeg oven is unlike any other oven. Ingeniously, it operates without the constant intake of external air. Using physics, Smeg has pioneered a unique and energy-efficient system in the cavity to enable humidity control. The three features that distinguish Smeg’s Thermoseal system are: • Precise temperature control • Even heat distribution • Control of moisture within the oven cavity

Smeg’s precise temperature control ensures perfect calibration – offering simple set and forget cooking with no user intervention required. The Thermoseal system locks in air within the cavity - meaning the air you start off with is the air you finish with. The application of heat to food occurs in a completely controlled environment – no external forces change the conditions and every culinary reaction occurs just as intended.

Tailored Dynamic Airflow engineering ensures even cooking throughout each shelf, corner-to-corner, creating a perfect distribution of heat without any hotspots. When cooking multiple dishes at any one time, there are no transference of flavours.

Smeg’s unique strip welded cavity construction ensures moisture is locked in - delivering a more succulent roast, delicate pastry and perfect baking; achieving professional quality results at home.

If you want to be a better cook, if you want to enjoy the cooking process more and if you want the food you create to taste and look their best – choose Smeg.