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Smeg's Thermoseal technology

The seal of Smeg’s quality, technical excellence and taste: succulent roasts, crisp pastry and impressive baking is achieved in Smeg’s unique, perfectly controlled cooking environment. Thermoseal maintains the perfect atmospheric balance in the cavity for optimum cooking conditions.

Smeg’s signature Thermoseal system is the result of many decades of development in oven technology and combines a number of exciting innovations.

Smeg Thermoseal ovens do not draw ambient air into the cavity during cooking, ensuring that no cold air enters the oven during the cooking process. This leads to more even browning and cooking, without losing moisture.

Thermoseal ovens feature Venturi Atmospheric Control which allows excess moisture, of foods with high water content, to escape into the cooling system, reducing any condensation build-up. The Venturi valve also contains a catalytic converter which reduces odours from any steam before it is released.

There are many benefits of Thermoseal cooking - the perfectly controlled cooking environment means roasts retain nutrients, natural juices and flavour, pastries crisp to perfection and cakes rise evenly and remain light and airy.

As Smeg Thermoseal ovens don’t have to continually heat new air entering the oven, they’re also very energy efficient. The perfect insulation of the cavity helps to reduce pre-heating time. The pyrolytic Portofino cooker takes just six minutes to reach a temperature of 200 °C - a time saving of 50% compared to a standard oven.

The Thermoseal oven cavity is completely shrouded in 20mm thick ceramic insulation and features a unique cooling system containing a 22 blade tangential cooling fan that draws fresh cool air through engineered channels to keep your cabinetry cool.

Smeg’s Thermoseal is the seal of quality for those wanting to cook quick, healthy, delicious meals that friends and family will love!