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Water safety

The following innovative water safety features highlighted in our new Smeg dishwashers utilise the latest technology and ensure peace of mind everytime you use your dishwasher.

Acquastop is a water safety device that operates when the dishwasher is not in use by restricting mains pressure (inlet water) at the tap, and not in the inlet hose of the dishwasher. This minimises the risk of flooding into the kitchen due to a cracked or split inlet hose. Effectively with the Acquastop system any potential leakage is limited to only the initial water amount (approximately 3 litres) required by the dishwasher at the start of any cycle.

Pressure switch is an electronic safety device positioned inline with the water inlet system and located in the sump (base) of the dishwasher. Its main function is to measure the variance in the pressure of the tank as the dishwasher fills, any abnormalities (lesser or greater) other than the specified parameters are identified and reported to the electronic control panel signalling an error and ceasing operation, if not enough or too much water is detected.

Float switch is an electronic safety device located in the base of the dishwasher that minimises the risk of flooding into the kitchen due to water flowing into the base of the dishwasher. This can occur if the inlet hose has been damaged; for example, during transit or installation. In this case the dishwasher will only allow a minimum amount of water (approximately 3 litres) before the float switch is activated and the dishwasher ceases to operate.

Turbine flow meter is available in the DWAI152XT and DWAFI152T. This additional electronic safety meter is located within the air-break chamber (side wall of dishwasher). It electronically measures the amount of water that flows through it and eventually into the tank. It ensures that the precise amount of water required by the program selected is utilised. Any variances detected by the meter are reported to the electronic control panel and the dishwasher ceases to operate.