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Smeg’s Aquatest is a turbidity sensor, available in the Tall Tank models, which measures solids suspended in water, and adjusts the water flow according to the amount of soiling. This saves both water and energy, whilst ensuring a hygienic clean on every wash.

Smeg’s new dishwashers have a very easy-to-use control panel. At the touch of a button, you can select the program which is most suitable for your wash, whether you’re washing delicate glassware, heavily soiled pans, or both. You can also choose options for each wash program; for example, to speed up the cycle, to select a high-temperature hygienic wash, to opt for a half load, an intensive and fast load, or a fully automatic program where the dishwasher adjusts according to the load. Very clever indeed.

Smeg’s dishwashers have always been admired for being quiet. Smeg has again improved tank design, developed vibration-limiting plinths, and redesigned the internal hydraulic system so that the dishwashers are quieter on every wash.

Self-balancing hinges ensure that the door remains open at any position.


Smeg’s unique orbital wash system with aerodynamically designed wash arms means water from each of the three spray systems covers every part of the dishwasher. Smeg’s spray arms work in all directions for more thorough coverage around and in-between the wash.

Smeg’s five-stage filtration system means food debris is quickly captured and doesn’t re-enter the wash, so your dishes are always cleansed with clean water.

Smeg’s Hyclean option gives you complete peace of mind. With a wash temperature of 70°C, 99.9% of bacteria is eliminated for a sterile wash.


Some dishwashers have good water-saving properties. Some have good energy saving properties. Smeg dishwashers have both.

All 14 placesetting dishwashers have a 3½ Star Energy Rating and a 4½ Star Water Rating.

All 15 placesetting dishwashers have a  4 Star Energy Rating and a 5 Star Water Rating.

Smeg’s years of experience in specialist cleansing and disinfecting equipment also means that this greener platform has been achieved without the need to recycle water, so you’re always getting a cleaner, more hygienic result.

Smeg’s Enersave also goes one step further to reduce energy consumption. This option reduces the temperature of final rinse, saving energy. It is activated after selecting the desired program by pressing the button (indicator lights). Moderately increases the duration of the cycle.

On certain models, the door opens automatically at the end of the cycle, allowing steam to escape, and the load to dry more efficiently, with limited use of heating. Once again, Smeg’s greener technology does not compromise on performance.