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Smeg Professional Series dishwashers, fondly known as the “SEMI-PRO” dishwashers, are a revelation in dishwashing technology, and the latest innovation to be conceived and engineered by Smeg. They are the first and fastest “hybrid” machines available in Australia.

Smeg has a long history in the development of dishwashing technology, having pioneered the world’s first 14 place-setting dishwasher back in 1970.

In the eighties, Smeg’s engineering extended to an Electromedical division - engineering disinfection and sterilization equipment for the medical industries, and Food Service division - producing professional dishwashers for the hospitality industry including stadiums, restaurants and bars.

The new Smeg “Semi-pro” dishwashers draw on the engineering from these commercial heavy-weights to produce a hybrid machine which is the best of both commercial and domestic worlds, producing a full wash in a record-breaking 16 minutes.

During normal daily use, the dishwasher operates like Smeg’s conventional premium domestic dishwashers and features technology such as Orbital Wash arm technology, Acquatest turbidity sensing, Total Aquastop 5 stage water safety, Easy to clean 5 stage filter, Smeg’s FlexiDuo upper cutlery tray, and Smeg’s Enersave feature which automatically opens the door at the end of the cycle for energy-saving drying. These features afford the semi-professional dishwashers their outstanding 5 Star WELS and 4 Star Energy rating.

The “hybrid” innovation is in Smeg’s unique Double Core system - a world-first breakthrough in dishwasher engineering. Similar to Smeg domestic dishwashers, the Semi-pro models have two motors, but the wash motor in these professional series machines is a power-packed 2000 watts with the addition of an integrated element, which can operate at variable speeds. They also have two 1800 watt inline elements to heat the water - unlike domestic machines which conventionally have only one.

So when you select the professional programmes, by simply pressing the “chef hat” button, the dishwasher kicks into a 5.6kW powerhouse, able to heat water to temperature faster than ever before and producing a hygienically clean wash in record time.