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The Smeg DWAUP364X is a genuine step up in terms of technology with no other domestic dishwasher able to offer a 16-minute full wash using just 12 litres of water. An innovative Dual Core system is the breakthrough behind the super fastwash. Essentially the appliance hastwo motors, like existing Smeg models,but the wash motor in this appliance isa larger 2000 watts with an integrated element that can operate at variable speeds. It also has two 1800 wattinline elements to heat the waterinstead of just one as in other domestic machines. This gives theSmeg Domestic Pro dishwasher its impressive 5,600 watt capacity.When pressed for time, say after a dinner party or catering for large numbers, the Professional program is selected and the system takes full advantage of its 5.6kW nominal power to achieve an excellent washing performance in a fraction of the time taken for all other dishwasher cycles.When one of the five domestic programs is selected the same excellent wash results are achieved by taking more time and consuming less power.Flexibility is still at the core of the Smeg design – the dishwasher takes a full 15 placesettings and has a selection of five domestic wash programs and four professional programs that include Soak, Normal ECO, ECO, Auto 60º and Ultraclean. So whether it is a collection of fine glassware and lightly-soiled plates or a load of heavily-soiled pans and crockery, there is a water and power saving option for each together with a choice of four washing temperatures- 45ºC, 50ºC, 65ºC and 75ºC.The dishwasher’s numerous ‘smart’ features establish a newbenchmark in dishwasher technology, such as the exclusive FlexiDuo third basket that introduces an unrivalled degree of versatility to the appliance. This upper basket, designed to take cutlery and cooking utensils, is split into two sections that can be separated and one slid under the other. This frees space in the basket below to take very tall-stemmed glasses, vases and containers while still allowing the cutlery baskets to be fully loaded.Likewise the appliance’s lower basket has fully adjustable inserts,two of which can be completely removed, to introduce extra space for large pans, platters and serving dishes.The aesthetic design of this dishwasher also deserves special mention. Check out the beautifully sleek anti-fingerprint stainless steel styling, the ultramarine blue interior light and the self-balancing door hinges. Convenience factors that rate a mention are the automatic door opening at the end of the cycle in order to aid dryingwhile conserving energy; the FlexiZone half-load option (the half load can be placed anywhere in the dishwasher and not just in the upperbasket); the orbital wash cycle for excellent wash index; the electronic adjustable water softener; the total Aquastop (safety feature); and Aquatest (a turbidity sensor that automatically adjusts the wash program according to level of ‘dirt’ in the water).Smeg offers two designs in its Domestic Pro Line, the DWAUP364X 60cm built-in dishwasher (RRP $3490), and the DWAFIP364 fully-integrated model (RRP $3290). Both models have a five star WELS water conservation rating and a four star energy rating.