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The rise of the outdoor kitchen has put the BBQ in the spotlight with most consumers demanding even cooking, rust-free components and minimisation of ‘flare-ups’ as opposed to wok burners and rotisseries! Leading kitchen appliance specialist, Smeg, has used its indoor expertise to deliver perfectly controlled barbeque cooking in a sleek, beautifully designed built-in appliance crafted in high quality marine- grade stainless steel. In two designs, the Smeg barbeque is one of the most powerful available with a total 67.5  Megajoules per hour over five burners.
Features includ ean interlocking grill system plus a hotplate, while an integrated fat and oil collection system drains all oils and fats away from the cooking area into a reservoir at the side of the unit. This makes for easy collection of these unwanted fats plus healthier food and a sharp decline in any ‘flare ups’.
To further bolster the longevity of the appliance all outer surfaces are made from 316 Marine Grade stainless steel while the cooking surfaces are 304 Commercial Grade stainless steel. Even the interlocking grill system, hotplate and burners are stainless steel, while the control panel is laser-etched so the serigraphy will not wear off with time.The BIBQ1205AH barbeque model features a double-insulated hood, that provides a safe-touch exterior, plus a stainless steel warming rack and a 400°C thermostat. The BIBQ1205AF has a sleek lid (in place of the hood) that doubles as a splashback when the barbeque is in use and a protective cover when not.