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New-age technology in the kitchen is delivering delicious winter comfort food, that is traditionally slow-cooked, in a fraction of the usual time.  The new format speed and steam ovens are delivering many more options in mid week meals for busy, working families.

Smeg, one of australia's forerunners in terms of kitchen appliance technology and style, says the arrival of its new

generation speed and steam ovens has reinvented the mid-week menu in terms of vastly reduced cooking times and foods that retain far more of their flavour and texture, even when consumed the next day (excellent for lunch boxes!).

In the Speed Oven, traditionally slow-cooked food such as succulent pulled-beef with bbq sauce now takes less than an hour to cook!  Fall-off-the-bone lamb shanks will take less than two hours!  And berry, ricotta and mint muffins (ideal for school lunches) can be baked to perfection in just 10 minutes.

Smeg’s Compact Speed Oven is primarily a multifunction oven which has been supplemented by the addition of innovative microwave technology.  With 12 cooking functions it can be used as a dedicated fan-forced or convection oven, or as a grill or microwave oven.  But when time is short it really comes into its own!  As a speed oven it is invaluable as a means of producing beautiful meals within vastly reduced cooking times.  The Smeg Speed Oven supplements fan forced or static plus fan cooking with microwave energy.  This results in a far faster cooking process without any loss of quality in terms of taste, succulence and texture.

Features of the Smeg Compact Speed Ovens include SmartSense Plus - a foolproof, step-by-step cooking guide with 50 guided cooking programmes with the option of saving a further 10 personal favourites.  In addition there are Ever Clean enamel interiors and soft close doors. 

There are three distinct design aesthetics in the Compact Speed Ovens – Classic, Linear and the “modern-vintage” Victoria built-in.

And while steam ovens are well recognised for their ability to produce fat-free, healthy food such as fish and vegetables, who knew they can also produce the best pasta – that will retain a far better texture and taste even better when reheated the next day!

Smeg’s Compact Steam and Combi-Steam Ovens bring new options to the winter mid week menu.  Well known for their ability to cook healthy, fat-free dishes of fish and/or vegetables they are not so well known for their ability to cook the best pasta – pasta that has luscious texture and actually holds and absorbs more sauce than conventionally boiled pasta!  Simply steam dried pasta for ten minutes, stir, then steam again for a further 10.  Add prepared sauce and steam for a further five minutes.  This method enables the pasta to take up more sauce – the flavour is superb and if the pasta is reheated the next day it has a far better texture than conventionally cooked pasta.

The new Smeg Classic Compact Steam oven – SFA4390VX – features five cooking functions with 20 SmartSense auto menus and 50L capacity.  Its soft close eclipse high visibility black glass illuminates when the oven is use, becoming transparent.

Smeg’s Classic Compact Combi-Steam Oven – SFA4395VCX – combines static and fan forced cooking with the dedicated steam function creating a total of 16 cooking functions.  Its features mirror those of the dedicated steam oven above.  Both have Smeg Ever-Clean enamel with vapour clean technology.