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In a progressive move by one of the world’s leading cooking appliance specialists a collection of ovens has been designed that will ‘hold the hand’of home cooks and take them step by step through a fool-proof baking process.This new collection of 60cm ovens from Smeg has banished the often complex array of control buttons;deleted the confusing collection of cryptic symbols proliferating on control panels; and committed to memory many pre-set menus to ensure our favourite meals are cooked to perfection every time.And one final change – the oven capacity is bigger than ever boasting a huge 79 litres gross . Smeg’s new flagship model in its iconic Classic stainless steel design is the SFPA395X. First time features include the new generation TFT (thin film transistor) interface that delivers clearer graphics on a very intuitive LED display plus the ingenious Smart Sense technology. This uses 50 pre-set programs to guide more novice cooks through 50 of the most popular dishes by advising cooking temperatures and times plus shelf heights,thereby ensuring a successful result every time.Smeg places innovation and technology at the forefront of its ideology bu tis keen to highlight the fine line it sees between genuine innovation, thatimproves the lifestyle of its users, and those ‘breakthroughs’ that are moregimmick than progress. “While technology and design are at the core ofthe Smeg conviction the overarching passion behind the Smeg brand isthe food. While we are known for our willingness to embrace new technology it has to generate a quantifiable improvement to the user's experience, ensuring the best possible cooking results irrespective of the user’s culinary credentials” said Andrew Cronin, managing director of Smeg Australia. Additional benefits of the SFPA395X are the easily navigated control panel– there is no clutter of control buttons and all symbols have clear textdescriptions. There is also a capacity for 10 personal recipes to beprogrammed; two pyrolytic cleaning programmes (one with energyconservation); an Ever-Clean enamel interior; and Thermoseal technology.The latter delivers an oven with a fully-controlled interior fitted with a Venturi humidity control system to ensure the optimum cooking environment - cooking times and temperatures are kept to a minimum and natural juices and flavours are retained.The oven has 10 cooking functions including fan forced and super cook plus proofing and bakers function.While the SFPA395X is the flagship of the Smeg Classic design built-in ovens there are six other models with varying specifications that offer a choice of pyrolytic or vapour clean cleaning systems.Smeg ovens and kitchen appliances are available nationally from department stores, electrical retailers and appliance specialists. Go to www.smeg.com.au for more details.