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Smeg’s latest addition to this genre melds the clean, streamlined styling of the four-door refrigerator in fingerprint-resistant stainless steel with new generation technology in food storage. 

In recognition of the fact fruit and vegetables have varying optimal storage requirements this new FQ60XPA refrigerator has an extensive degree of temperature and air-flow control plus flexibility.  

The crisper, designed for leafy greens and vegetables, benefits from cool air circulation that maintains the humidity required to preserve crispness and moisture content and delay the process of desiccation and shrivelling. 

The Zero Temperature compartment is for meat, fish, chicken - items that need to be kept at a lower temperature - and for thawing frozen items slowly and safely.  Meanwhile the appliance’s built-in ioniser minimises the amount of bacteria in the refrigerator, which is another key factor in extending the life of stored foods. 

A clever addition to this refrigerator is the Multi-Zone compartment in the right hand side of the freezer – as the name suggests, this can be used as either additional refrigeration space or as a freezer.  It comprises both shelving and dual compartments that can be set at a variety of refrigeration and freezing temperatures, including a 0 degree setting for longer safe storage of delicatessen products and a -6 degree setting for keeping meats up to two weeks in an easy-to-cut condition. 

The FQ60XPA’s indicator panel controls all audio and visual functions and is operated by touch with clear icons indicating temperatures and functions currently in use.  At a glance the user can see the exact temperatures of the refrigerator, freezer and multizone compartment and whether the economy and/or vacation modes have been activated.

Both the economy and vacation modes reduce energy consumption while maintaining food-safe temperatures in all areas of the refrigerator and freezer.

Other convenience factors of this new Smeg French Door refrigerator are the sliding body shelves that enable easy access to foods stored at the back of the appliance plus a rotating middle section that creates a completely airtight seal as soon as the doors are closed, preventing cold air from escaping and therefore reducing energy consumption.

The FQ60XPA is 920mm wide and 1825mm high giving a total storage capacity of 610 litres – 435 litres in the refrigerator and 175 litres in the freezer.  In addition to the generous capacity of the refrigerator and freezer, there is the added convenience of a mechanical ice maker and the ability to fit wide platters when entertaining. 

The appliance carries a two star energy rating, consuming just 584kWh per year and uses the environmentally friendly R600a gas (low global warming potential and ozone depletion).  It is also equipped with a bacteria suppression system.