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The great divide between high performance professional kitchen appliances and the domestic alternatives has been all but banished with the arrival of Smeg’s flagship 90cm pyrolytic built-in oven. As the final element in the brand’s collection of new generation, high-performance ovens the Classic design SAP3900X is both majestic and inspirational in terms of its design and performance.

Stand out innovations include the Thin Film Transistor display with its ultraclear graphics; S-Logic interface that provides intuitive, simple control of multiple functions; and Smart Sense self-guiding cooking programs. S-Logic technology delivers a vast array of functions in the most easily accessible form – one function leads seamlessly to another so the user is able to negotiate the controls effortlessly and logically. And Smart Sense is a self-guiding program whereby the user can access 50 pre set recipes for meat, fish and vegetable dishes that will advise the optimum temperature, shelf height and duration for the best results every time.

A further bonus is that all the recipes have been written for Australian produce and Australian culinary preferences. Users can also add ten of their own recipes to the oven’s memory. Special functions within the cooking programs include proving mode (for baking breads etc), slow cooking, Eco energy-saving fan-forced mode plus nine other baking functions such as fan assisted, supercook, fan grill and baker’s function.

Labour-intensive cleaning of this generous 90 litre capacity oven is a thing of the past as the appliance features full pyrolytic cleaning with a three hour cycle for heavily soiled oven interiors and an eco-energy-saving pyrolytic option that takes 90 minutes and is tailored to lightly soiled ovens. Smeg’s unique EverClean enamel, with its silken finish on all interiors and baking trays, increases the efficiency of the pyrolytic cleaning functions.

Another stand out of the Smeg collection of ovens, both Classic and Linear, is the Thermoseal technology whereby the interior of the oven is perfectly controlled. There is minimal fluctuation of temperature as no cold air is allowed to enter – this delivers even, accurate temperatures and moist, succulent results whereby fish and meats retain their natural juices.

From a safety factor, the door is quadruple glazed to ensure its exterior is cool to the touch no matter how high the internal temperature.From a convenience perspective the SAP3900X has a number of ‘hidden’extras. It is finished in fingerprint-resistant satin stainless steel and has a clever touch-release storage drawer for baking pans and cooling trays. It also has a rapid preheating feature whereby maximum output is utilised during the preheat period so the desired temperature is reached as quickly as possible using the least amount of energy.