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The increasing popularity of the double oven in Australian kitchens is being linked to an ever-growing passion for home cooking and the fact that, in general, our kitchens are larger than those of Europe and the UK. And while two ovens are often better than one, one leading supplier is advising consumers to ensure they really are getting two ovens and not just a poor imitation of the very versatile genuine double oven. Smeg Australia says a double oven should provide two separate ovens that each offer fan baking, static baking and a separate grill. The appliance should also provide less traditional functions such as pizza cooking and energy saving programs.One of the most versatile double ovens on the market is Smeg’s DOSPA38X, a richly featured appliance that offers eight fan and static cooking functions in the main oven (79 litre capacity), four in the second(41 litre capacity) plus two pyrolytic cleaning modes.The auxiliary oven has a recessed floor for an optional pizza stone,which means users can achieve a perfectly crisp and brown pizza base with an evenly cooked topping.The ECO energy saving programs comprise a cooking mode (in each oven) whereby the grill and lower element are used in combination with the fan to provide efficient, even heat distribution while conserving energy.The ECO pyrolytic cleaning program meanwhile, in the main oven,runs for 90 minutes at an interior temperature of 500°C, carbonising food residue to a fine ash – ideal for lightly soiled ovens. This program uses up to 50 per cent less energy than the regular pyrolytic cleaning program for heavily soiled ovens.The Classic satin stainless steel DOSPA38X double oven is a signature design by renowned Italian architect, Guido Canali – lines are beautifully clean and understated and the styling is absolutely timeless. Standard features include LCD panel, manual or programmable cooking, thermoseal oven technology and a fingerprint-proof stainless steel surface. The energy rating of this appliance exceeds the European Energy Rating A by 20 per cent.