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Portofino Gas Cooker

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, where people come together to dine and entertain throughout the day. Smeg strives to understand and anticipate the needs of its users - this approach has delivered the most advanced and sophisticated freestanding models on the market.


As the creator of the first ever programmable freestanding cooker with flame failure technology over 60 years ago, Smeg's history of developing technologies for freestanding cookers and gas cooktops is unmatched. All Smeg gas cooktops are designed to increase and reduce the flame incrementally to provide the optimum control for cooking from low simmer to full power for a rolling boil.


The ultra-rapid wok burner consists of a double crown, which combines an ultrarapid burner with an auxiliary burner. This burner is operated by a single knob, which can be used to adjust the power from a minimum of 6.4 mj/h to a maximum of 15.1 mj/h, providing extremely versatile and professional performance.


The gas hobs are equipped with solid, heavy-duty cast-iron trivets, covering the complete surface of the cooker. This extends the support surface to a maximum, providing an aesthetic and functional solution which is perfectly aligned with the countertop, as well as sitting flush with modular units to create a streamlined effect. The linear and ergonomic design helps provide the cooker with both a professional look and a professional approach to cooking.

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