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Integrating the opulence of the Italian Riviera with the excellence of world-class kitchen technology, Smeg delivers the perfect cooking companion with its Portofino collection. Like its namesake, the collection is reminiscent of the Italian Riviera, exuding an effortless sense of sophistication and style.

The robust yet refined design of the Portofino will make a statement in any kitchen, while the Ligurian Harbour inspired palette will bring the Mediterranean into the heart of the home. Hues of sunshine yellow, olive green, coral red, burnt orange, white, black, anthracite and stainless steel boast the perfect intersection of vibrancy and elegance.

To complement its visual allure, Portofino features in-built innovative technology that ensures faultless cooking every time. With a cutting edge Thermoseal cavity, triple fan technology and Dynamic Air Flow, the Portofino is the perfect answer to consistency when cooking, from juicier roasts to crispier pastry. Smeg’s ground-breaking technology brings your oven to 200°C in 6 minutes, and Italian opulence to your kitchen in less.

More than just a visual statement, the Portofino prides itself on high performance that is undeniably Smeg, offering a European A+ energy rating, distinguishing it from every large format oven on the market. Additionally, the Portofino collection offers a tilting grill, rotisserie attachment and gourmet cooking stone accessory, making this a must-have for home cooks and consummate entertainers.

With 20 pre-programmed menus for set-and-forget cooking, the Portofino also delivers unparalleled results with simplistic ease. Additionally, the soft close door provides maximum safety while keeping oven doors cool to the touch. With pyrolytic cleaning and a smooth enamel interior, it is also extremely easy to clean to remain in top condition.

Smeg’s Portofino collection is the embodiment of exquisite taste, luxury living and Italian style.

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