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The seal of Smeg’s quality, technicalexcellence and taste: succulent roasts, crisppastry and impressive baking is achieved inSmeg’s unique, perfectly controlled cookingenvironment. Thermoseal maintains the perfectatmospheric balance in the cavity for optimumcooking conditions.


Ever Clean Enamel

The superior quality of Smeg’s patentedEver Clean enamel, which is highly durableand easy to clean, is the result of nearly 70years of enameling expertise; ensuring longlifeperformance of every Smeg oven.


 Soft Close Door

The new soft-close mechanism on Smeg’soven doors ensures a two-stage soft and quietclose. Smeg’s quality hinges also ensures thedoor will not drop on opening, an intrinsicsafety feature.


Cool Door Technology

Smeg’s Cool Door system is a combination oftechnologies which is driven by a 22 bladetangential fan and includes a heat exchangebaffle system. It draws cool air up throughthe panes of heat-reflective glass in the door,making it safe to the touch even when the ovenis at pyrolytic temperatures of around 500ºC.


 Pyrolytic Cleaning

Smeg’s pyrolytic cycle locks the door andheats the oven to around 500ºC. Thisprocess carbonises any food residue orburnt-on grease to a small amount of ash,which can be simply wiped away with adamp cloth. Smeg also has Eco Pyro - thelow energy option.


 Vapour Cleaning

Smeg’s Ever Clean enamel’s tough surfacehas a glassy finish, so a simple spray of waterand detergent around the cavity in conjunctionwith the Vapour Clean option will generateheat and steam to soften any grease for awipe-clean result.



Smeg’s SmartSense intuitive program selectionis easy-to-read in the large LCD panel.Effortlessly select oven functions, temperatureand time for cooking; enter the time youwant your meal to be ready and your delaystart is calculated for you; or cook 20 preprogrammedfavourites at the flick of a button.


 SmartSense Plus

Smeg’s SmartSense Plus provides a foolproof,step-by-step guide to cooking. The large TFTcolour display is legible without readingglasses, and so simple to follow. SmartSensePlus also has 50 guided cooking programsand you can also save 10 of your most-usedfavourites.