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Smeg barbecues: now you can cook in style outdoors

Grilling food in style outdoors is now possible thanks to the all new Smeg built-in barbecue range which gives a sleek and sophisticated look to any al fresco dining area. Versatile and professional products, the barbecues external surfaces are made from AISI 316 Marine Grade stainless steel and consequently are very hard-wearing, long-lasting and resistant to atmospheric agents. They are also LPG and natural gas compatible.

Easy to use and completely self-contained, the Smeg barbecue grills meat, fish and vegetables to perfection. The hood (on selected model) features a thermostat so you can keep an eye on the internal temperature.

The exclusive fat and oil collection system is designed to drain fat/oil away from the cooking area into a reservoir at the side of the unit. The reservoir can easily be removed at the end of cooking and discarded safely.

Type: BBQs

  • BQI1205HAU

    Built-in Barbecue

  • PBQ31GAnew

    Smeg 30cm ultra-low profile single-burner gas cooktop

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