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Everyday cooking with Steam, Combi-Steam and Speed


What is your cooking style?  Are you short on time?  Do you like to entertain?  Are you health conscious?  Are you a member of a busy family?  No matter the question, Smeg’s collection of compact ovens – Steam, Combi-Steam and Speed – has the answer.

Like all of Smeg’s built-in ovens, the compact range offers a feast of three aesthetic design choices:

The purity and essence of the Classic aesthetic, designed by world renowned architect Guido Canali and identified by the distinctive and ergonomic control knob, exudes timeless Made in Italy style.

Photo: Nicholas Yarsley

Equally at home in the country or city, the Victoria aesthetic, where warmth and charm meets industrial style, appeals to devotees of both contemporary design and modern vintage style.

The perfect balance of spatial design and ergonomic comfort with luxury, the Linear aesthetic blends seamlessly with its exquisite lines, luxurious mirror finishes and precise detailing.

All three formats are manufactured wholly by Smeg in Smeg’s cooking factory in northern Italy.  As the newest kitchen must-haves, they operate as a handy auxiliary oven while offering added versatility and practicality. All kitchen design configurations have been considered; compacts will sit happily in a vertical tower above or below a full size oven, or can be installed horizontally side-by-side.  For precisely matched, aligned Classic aesthetic ovens, a full glass door is available.  This black Eclipse glass and stainless steel door means a continuous line is now a reality.

With a variable temperature control up to 80°C and sleek push-to-open operation, Classic, Victoria and Linear warming drawers add functionality as well as an aesthetically pleasing uninterrupted line.


Heat settings from 30-100°C mean it is possible to preserve the colour, taste and nutritional value of food such as eggs, grains, vegetables, seafood and meat.  Soft, tender scrambled or poached eggs can be on the breakfast table in less than five minutes and grain based recipes such as risotto, quinoa, oats and pasta, are easy, no-stir full of flavour meal options.  With the addition of Asian or European flavours everyday chicken and fish are transformed into fuss-free, healthy meals and when steamed, much-loved corned beef becomes impressively tender.

Sweet tooths will be pleased too.  Satisfying all tastes and occasions; from light and fluffy barely sweet ricotta puddings to chocolate fudge cake, old-fashioned sticky date pudding and even traditional Christmas pudding with great texture and flavour, without the fuss of stove-top cooking.

Along with cooking with fresh ingredients from scratch, frozen meat, seafood and vegetables can be easily and safely defrosted and leftovers reheated without loss of taste and texture.  The Smeg Steam Oven also makes easy work of cooking nutritious meals for babies and toddlers.  Other uses include sterilising jam jars and babies’ bottles.


Previously only found in commercial kitchens, Combi-Steam oven technology is now available at home.  It is this combination of pure steam with a multifunction oven that creates impressive, professional results from limitless food and cooking options. For the everyday; from crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside roast potatoes, sweet potatoes and chips to moist and tender chicken breasts and fish fillets.  Notoriously tricky and fussy recipes, such as roast pork with crunchy crackling and authentic bagels are now very easy to achieve at home.

Everyday banana bread, often dense, becomes light and sponge-like, the crumb of Italian-style semolina cake is tender and hot cross buns couldn’t be easier or taste better when made at home in Smeg’s Combi-Steam Oven.

Midweek, family-friendly fruit crumble has never tasted so good – tender fruit blanketed with golden, buttery crumble.  Along with cooking, this technology is ideal for reheating leftovers – retaining moisture, texture and taste.


Short on time? Smeg’s Speed Oven reduces cooking time by around 30%, the result of supplementing a multifunction oven with innovative microwave technology, while delivering superb results.  With Smeg’s Speed Oven there is no reason why a roast chicken dinner can’t be a midweek staple; succulent roast chicken and golden, crisp potatoes can be on the dinner table in just half an hour.  Other weekday staples such as chicken breasts, lamb chops and sausages can be cooked to perfection in ten minutes or less.

Rather than hours and hours, crowd pleasing pulled pork or beef is meltingly tender in only two hours.  For the carb lovers, the Speed Oven makes very quick work of pizzas and pasta bakes – thin crust pizzas with oozy melted cheese in less than ten minutes and a family size pasta bake in 15 minutes.

When a sweet craving hits, the Speed Oven comes to the rescue!  From decadent chocolate self-saucing pudding or raspberry brownies in 20 minutes to fruit muffins for lunchboxes or after school in 10 minutes, the Speed Oven shortens baking times significantly, without compromising flavour.

Smeg’s choice of design aesthetics and Steam, Combi-Steam and Speed Compact Oven formats make it simple to match your cooking style with your interior style.

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