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Smeg make a splash in London Christmas windows


If you are lucky enough to go to London to find Christmas gift inspiration this year you may come across domestic appliances transformed into a whale! If you take a stroll down Oxford Street you’ll find John Lewis, and if you pass by Sloane Square you’ll pass in front of John Lewis Peter Jones, two of Great Britain’s most loved department stores. And in their Christmas window displays this year you’ll see some amazing sights…

London’s Christmas window displays are one of the highlights of the year, with each year that passes each store finds increasingly creative ways to enchant the crowds. This year John Lewis and one of London’s best visual agencies have spent a year designing a Winter Wonderland comprising of 188 animals made up of more than 7000 individual items sold in store! Visitors can delight in deer’s made from vacuum cleaners, penguins formed from kettles, turkeys invented with towels, bears shaped from sofa’s, and, a magnificent whale and iceberg built from Smeg appliances. The John Lewis and John Lewis Peter Jones windows are simply divine – designed to inspire shoppers, they guarantee the that the products themselves are the centre of attention. Every item that the animals are built from can be purchased in store. Read more about the windows or watch the video on the John Lewis website.

The Smeg display has an Antarctic theme, the head of the whale is fashioned from 50’s Retro Style dishwasher, while the body and tail is a FAB30 fridge and beside it is another fridge which takes the shape of an iceberg. The result is fascinating, and once again it proves how Smeg 50’s Retro Style products make an impact in any situation in which they are placed, and not only in the kitchen!