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In its latest celebration of Italian artistry, Smeg introduces Linea, a complete collection of architecturally designed appliances. Linea heroes an elegant yet simplistic aesthetic paired with artful craftsmanship.

The collection features a range of ovens and cooktops as well as a coffee machine and a wine cellar with sommelier drawer. All with a clean mirror finish, the Linea collection blends seamlessly into any kitchen, achieving beauty in simplicity.

“Simplicity can be the hardest thing to achieve in design; the risk is a bland product with no personality. Despite the simplicity, Linea's artistry is instantly recognisable and undeniably Smeg,” says Vittorio Bertazzoni, CEO of Smeg.

As well as its sleek design, Linea delivers powerful performance with innovative, world-first technology. The cooktops feature a striking continuous ring of flame, with its patented Smeg Blade Flame – a stylish and sustainable kitchen solution with twenty percent more efficiency than other conventional gas burners.

Meanwhile, the ovens use Thermoseal technology which creates the optimum cooking conditions to perfectly deliver the food you love each and every time. Whether it’s cooking a more succulent roast or chilling your favourite drop at the perfect temperature, Smeg’s passion for food, design and technology shines through the Linea collection.

“Appliances have an emotional place in our homes as they enable the celebration of good food and drinks between family and friends. Linea continues to inspire this, crafted with beautiful simplicity and powerful performance – a sophistication that Smeg prides itself on,” says Olivia Anderson, National Marketing Manager, Smeg.

Available in three shades – black, white and silver – Linea aims to inspire a love of artistry as the embodiment of individuality and self-expression in the kitchen.

Linea by Smeg is available nationally from selected retailers and appliance specialists.

Click here to view the Linea collection.