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With Smeg's hand blender food processor attachment


Smeg's latest kitchen must-have is a 1.5L food processor attachment for the award-winning hand blender. With a cooking heritage honed over 70 plus years, Smeg has designed an appliance that makes it easier than ever to prepare delicious food for the whole family. Heralded for innovative technology and timeless design, Smeg’s new food processor offers multifunctional use with maximum efficiency and precision, allowing you to whizz your way through meal preparation in style.

Designed in collaboration with famed Italian architects Deepdesign, Smeg’s range of small appliances are not only functional, they’re works of art. Paying homage to Smeg’s Italian heritage, the unmissable retro look and precision engineering add technology with style to every kitchen.

The food processor attachment, powered by the hand blender’s 700W high performance motor, features a large 1.5L Tritan bowl and four innovative discs. Hard to chop ingredients can be shredded finely or coarsely using the stainless steel, double sided shredding disc and a simple switch to the adjustable slicer disc will thinly slice vegetables with ease. The emulsifying disc is perfect for softer ingredients such as whipped cream, mayonnaise and sauces while the stainless steel S- blade minces, chops, blends and mixes with ease.

“At Smeg we have a rich heritage rooted in home cooking and as such, we consistently design new appliances that make the process simple and fun for the whole family. The new food processor accessory champions efficiency in the kitchen and is suited to the self-proclaimed master chef or the home cook who simply enjoys making delicious food,” Jim Kalotheos, Managing Director, Smeg Australia.

Designed to blend seamlessly into your kitchen, Smeg’s hand blender is available in four colours to suit all tastes and styles; pastel blue, black, red and cream. The processor bowl is dishwasher safe and able to be packed away simply and discreetly, while silicon rubber feet and ergonomic handles enable ease of use.

Smeg’s hand blender HBF02 and food processor accessory HBFP01 are available nationally from selected appliance retailers and department stores from March 2020. The RRP for the food processor accessory is for $249.