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There are now two more reasons to covet Smeg’s multi-award winning stand mixer – the Multi-food Grinder accessory and the Slicer Grater accessory.  Both are easily affixed to the stand mixer’s attachment hub, simple to use and more than a helping hand preparing healthy, delicious meals for family and friends.

Multi-food grinder

Suitable for a multitude of ingredients: raw and cooked meat, poultry and seafood as well as vegetables, fruit, herbs, bread and nuts, it is the must-have attachment for creating everyday meals from fresh ingredients, with no artificial anything!

For versatility and ease of use, there are three stainless steel grinding discs – fine (3mm), medium (4.2mm) and coarse (8mm) – for all grinding and mincing situations.

Also included is a food-grade pusher and food tray that multitasks as a storage container with lid.  For more specialised results, there are also sausage stuffer and kebbe accessories – simply prepare your filling using the Multi-food Grinder, attach the sausage or kebbe accessory and let the machine do the rest!

Silcer Grater

This clever attachment with four drum options – two for slicing and two for grating – acts as another pair of hands in the kitchen, making very quick work of food preparation with professional results.

The two slicing drums – medium and thick – are suitable for raw vegetables including potatoes, onions and carrots as well as fruit and cheese while the two grating drums – medium and coarse – shred vegetables, fruit, chocolate, cheese and nuts with ease.

Simple to use: place your selected drum in the premium plastic body, affix to the attachment hub and lock in place with the drum latch.  Cleverly, the drums are flared, allowing the sliced or grated food to fall smoothly into the bowl.  For safety, the sharp edges of the drums are on the inside where they are needed, away from careless hands.

These new, exciting accessories add to Smeg’s curvaceous stand mixer moniker ‘kitchen workhorse’, joining the pasta roller and cutter accessory set as must-have accessories to enhance everyday cooking and entertaining.

Curves, design credentials and accessories aside, it is the Smeg stand mixer’s robust performance, 800W of power balanced with optimised torque, that is receiving plaudits from home and professional cooks alike.