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Creating perfect coffee at home is now reality with Smeg


Italians love coffee; from a morning cappuccino to a late night ristretto, a cup of coffee is one of life’s great elixirs.  Understandably, with Smeg’s Italian heritage and passion for design, the machine they created to make the perfect coffee is as technically advanced as it is beautiful and functional. 

The gorgeous coffee machine features the same distinctive yet practical retro styling and curves as the other members of the award-winning small appliance family.  It is available in four authentic vintage colours – pastel blue, panna (Italian for cream), black and red – to suit all tastes and kitchens or to mix and match with other Smeg small appliances. 

In terms of technology and functionality, the machine will appeal to coffee and techno lovers alike.  A thermoblock heating system delivers a fast service while 15 bar pressure ensures an excellent coffee experience. The intuitive control gives the option of one or two cups and steam plus personalised settings for coffee temperature [low, medium and high], water hardness [soft, medium and high] and automatic shut off time [9 minutes, 30 minutes and 3 hours]. 

One of the standout features of this new coffee machine, with its conveniently slim dimensions, is the ability for coffee lovers to make the exact coffee of their choice.  It has been designed to take both coffee grounds and pre-filled paper pods – thankfully the plastic pods have been eliminated in favour of minimising landfill! 

Other benefits of the Smeg appliance are its anti-drip system (with an indicator for when the drip tray is full), warning light when de-scaling is required and the ability to take both cups and taller mugs. 

The adjustable steam wand will create the perfect rich, thick foam for cappuccino. 

And by holding down the coffee button until the cup has been filled to the desired level, the coffee machine will store the knowledge and produce exactly the same amount of coffee the next time – unless you tell it otherwise! 

Creating perfect coffee at home is now reality with Smeg.