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For an authentic home barista experience


An authentic in-home barista experience just became a reality with Smeg's set of high quality coffee accessories to accompany its multi-award-winning manual coffee machines.

Comprising a vacuum canister, compression tamper and mat, plus a milk frothing jug the accessories enhance the range of retro style manual coffee machines introduced just a year ago.  Available in black, red, pastel blue and cream, the coffee machines quickly became a must have item for coffee lovers, creating a much coveted shot of pure style for the benchtop while enabling all consumers to create the perfect cup of coffee at home.

Smeg, recognised internationally for its exceptional domestic coffee machines with both the Good Design® Award and the Red Dot Design Award, created this quality range of professional-level coffee accessories to extend its concept of ‘the perfect cup of coffee at home’.

The stainless steel coffee vacuum canister will ensure peak freshness of both beans and grounds for up to 15 days.  The lid features a vacuum indicator, a month indicator plus a one-touch release button.  To seal the canister, simply repeat press the seal pump button – as the air is sucked out the resistance builds in the button.

The two-piece compression tamper and mat are essential for the correct tamping of the coffee grounds to ensure maximum flavour is extracted from the coffee. The mat is made from food-grade silicon, making it both odourless and easy to clean, while the tamper, in stainless steel with aluminium handle, is both weighty and perfectly balanced.  Together they will facilitate the correct loading and tamping of coffee grounds in the group head – an essential part of the perfect cup of coffee. Excellent design is key to any Smeg product and the tamper mat is no exception.  Shaped with a raised edge, to reduce mess, an overhang to protect benchtop edge and a tamper holder plus portafilter cut out, the mat is the ideal work space for the preparation of the coffee.

The stainless steel milk jug, with matte black exterior finish, offers a perfect pour for frothed milk.  The carefully designed spout creates a very smooth pouring action – producing the ultimate finish for cappuccino, caffe latte, and espresso macchiato.

Smeg’s iconic retro coffee machines, together with its range of high-end coffee accessories, are available nationally from department stores, electrical appliance retailers and specialist appliance stores.

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