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New colours, interior redesign and technology improvements for Smeg's cult FAB28 fridge


Iconic and innovative, the FAB28 fridge is a symbol of modern design that is undeniably Smeg. Originally conceived 22 years ago, the FAB’s signature flair has made it one of the world’s most distinctive kitchen appliances and a cult favourite of style and creative aficionados.


Designed and manufactured by Smeg in Northern Italy, the FAB fridge oozes Made in Italy style. As a result of their ongoing commitment to design and technology, Smeg has introduced a fresh set of innovative features and three new soft touch colours - Taupe, Ruby Red and Emerald Green.


New Ruby Red is rich, bold and indulgent with a subtle metallic shimmer that brings opulence to a modern kitchen. Taupe delivers a cool ethos, with a natural, earthy tone to complement any space. If you’re looking for a touch of regality, Emerald Green is a botanical hue with accents of copper, brass and gold for a striking look that stands out amongst the rest. As well as its striking aesthetic, the new FAB28 embraces a host of innovative features that continue to elevate Smeg’s blend of retro artistry with technology. The bright chrome trims define and personalise the soft rounded shapes of the components and technological innovations guarantee high performance and maximum efficiency.

“Smeg’s FAB28 proves cold can be hot. Vibrant colours and signature curves have always made FAB fridges a focal point of any kitchen. We're so excited to introduce new striking personalities and technological improvements to the collection that continues to combine Smeg's iconic design with cutting-edge innovation,” says Olivia Anderson, National Marketing Manager, Smeg.

The Life Plus 0°C Drawer is a new feature to FAB, a controlled temperature zone for better and longer preservation of perishables. Chilling is optimised by the new multi-flow cooling system, to ensure an even temperature distribution within every compartment. Compared to conventional systems, the efficient multi-flow cooling system maintains freshness, aroma and nutrients of fruit, vegetables and meat much longer. Internal LED lights installed on both sides of the fridge allow you to see into every corner, without increasing energy consumption.

Thanks to its signature 50’s retro style, the FAB28 boasts a strong personality that can stand out or complement any interior finish. Through sinuous lines and an iconic design, the FAB28 celebrates Smeg’s long history of creating unique and memorable appliances for every home.

Discover the iconic FAB28 collection including the new soft touch colours to experience true Italian artistry.

Smeg FAB28 fridges are available nationally from 1 August at selected appliance retailers.