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"Cooked to perfection"


‘Fast Ed’ Ed Halmagyi – chef, author, TV presenter and perhaps best known for his weekly appearance on Channel 7’s Better Homes & Gardens, took delivery of his Victoria Thermoseal freestanding oven just over a year ago.

Thermoseal, Smeg’s revolutionary technology, creates a perfectly controlled cooking environment. This is the science behind the superb, consistent results - succulent roasts, crisp pastry and beautiful baking. It truly is unique.

Ed agrees; thousands of successful dishes later, ‘cooked to perfection’, he decided to make a video on his ‘cooking with Thermoseal’ experience in an attempt to share with other home cooks the benefits of a high quality, perfectly controlled oven cavity.

Ed's video, posted to social media and various cooking orientated websites, has been an immediate hit.  Ed’s delivery is clear, concise and really informative.  And, being a baker at heart, he gives an insight into producing a perfect Irish Soda Bread – something that, before Thermoseal, was only achievable in a camp or Dutch oven!

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