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The soup and personality of every Smeg appliance


Smeg is located in Northern Italy, midway between Milan and Venice, an area with a rich heritage of design, art, architecture, fashion and culture. With beauty and inspiration at every turn, unsurprisingly the region has generated a globally acclaimed manufacturing industry. Smeg along with Ferrari, Ducati, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and Barilla, amongst others, are recognisable the world over for inventive design and technological might.

For 70 years Smeg has lead the way in appliance design and manufacture, with the belief that customers should be able to express their personality through design, and much like art, appliances should be selected on the basis of personal taste. This philosophy gave rise to Smeg’s long history of collaborations with world-leading architects and designers, creating aesthetic collections to suit different styles and tastes. Smeg is the only appliance brand to offer genuine design choice, allowing customers to select appliances like works of art. 

Smeg first collaborated with world renowned architect Guido Canali over 30 years ago. Canali’s instantly recognisable control knob is the cornerstone of Smeg’s Classic aesthetic and over more than three decades has maintained its modernity, purity and refinement.  It is also intuitive to use, ergonomic and stylish. This inimitable icon is a true modern design classic.

Thirteen years ago, in collaboration with architect Mirco Zanini, Smeg developed Linear, an aesthetic based on the elements and principles of design – it starts with the line and incorporates shape, space, balance and symmetry.  Notwithstanding, the design’s complexity is expressed in simplicity and with a stunning mirror finish, Linear by Smeg exudes minimalist style.

Within the built-in cooking sphere, Smeg has also collaborated with Renzo Piano, Mario Bellini and Marc Newson, and continues to work with Guido Canali on many exciting new projects, including the soon to be launched Dolce Stil Novo.

In 2014, Smeg launched a range of small domestic appliances, inspired by the elegance of the 1950s and designed in collaboration with leading Milanese studio, deepdesign®.  Since launch the collection has continued to grow and along the way received numerous international design awards, including Red Dot, iF and Good Design. 

Just over two years ago Smeg unveiled Sicily is my Love – the fruits of its initial collaboration with famed Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. One hundred exclusive FAB fridges were lovingly hand-painted by Sicilian artists, transforming them into works of art.  Each colourful masterpiece pays homage to traditional Italian folklore and makes a one-of-a-kind statement that only Smeg could conceive.

One year later the Sicily is my Love Smeg Dolce & Gabbana collaboration grew to include a collection of small appliances richly adorned with signature Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian decorative motifs; setting new trends in interior design and heightening the enjoyment of everyday items in the kitchen.

Earlier this year Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana continued to take art and design to another level with the launch of Divina Cucina. This third collaboration showcases the iconic brands’ combined passion for creativity, design and art in the form of a coordinating freestanding cooker, rangehood and FAB fridge.  In another spectacular example of design elevating every-day appliances to works of art, each piece is lavishly decorated in bold colours, capturing the history, culture, cuisine and beauty of Sicily. Smeg is the only appliance brand to foster this ingenious fusion of Made in Italy style, art and fashion and bring couture level design to the home.

For Smeg architectural and design collaborations ensure appliances not only perform well and are elegant and beautiful, they also have eternal appeal.  And it is this combination of engineering and beauty which gives life, personality and soul to every Smeg appliance and the reason Smeg is the embodiment of Technology with Style.