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Built-in or freestanding

Smeg microwave ovens are available in a number of different designs which have been created to complement the aesthetic principles of the product range. Microwave energy is a highly effective cooking system that shortens cooking times dramatically and produces notable energy savings.

Smeg’s SBIM30X model is notable for its flatbed microwave technology for even cooking without a turntable as well as a clean-front integrated trim kit for a smart and affordable built-in look.

  • SA34MX

    Smeg microwave oven with grill

  • SAM34XI

    Smeg Freestanding Inverter Microwave with Grill

  • SAM34CXI

    Smeg Freestanding Inverter Microwave with Convection

  • SBIM30X-1

    Smeg microwave oven + grill + steam vessel

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