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Question: What's the difference between a ducted rangehood and a non-ducted rangehood?

Ducted rangehoods (Extractor rangehoods) offer the best performance by extracting the cooking fumes from the kitchen and expelling them to the outside via ducting. If you opt for a ducted rangehood, your rangehood installer will connect the ducting to the rangehood vent outlet and direct the extracted air to the outside of the building. The diameter of the ducting can vary, but can be obtained from the product's detailed specification sheet. Ducting is purchased separately to the rangehood.

Non-ducted or filter rangehoods are designed for kitchens where there is no external vent or ducting. The rangehood extracts cooking fumes and passes them through active charcoal filters, recirculating the cleansed air back into the room.

Talk to your installer about the best solution for your home to determine if ducting is possible.