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Question: How do I choose the best cooking function?

The symbols on Smeg ovens are shaped to relate to the elements and fans operating in the oven. For example , the symbol for convection cooking indicates that the top and bottom element will operate; the fan assisted symbol indicates that the top and bottom element is operating along with the fan; the fan-forced symbol  indicates that the rear element and fan is operating.

When you know the symbols, it's easier to choose which oven function is best. For example, if you're cooking a quiche, where you want a crispy base, then the bakers function,  with base element direct heat for the base and fan circulating hot air to gently cook the top, is the one to choose.

The product symbol definitions section has a full list and explanation of all of Smeg's symbols for quick reference.

If you need help in choosing the most suitable cooking programme for a particular kind of food or recipe then please consult the user manual supplied with your Smeg product has lots of useful information. All of the different cooking functions and modes are clearly explained and relate to particular foods, with cooking times, temperatures and suggested shelf/tray positions.