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Question: What are the benefits of induction cooking?

The main advantage of induction cooking is its fast responsiveness and cooking speed. Induction cooking is generally about twice as fast as traditional gas cooking and Smeg induction cooktops also feature a boost option, which is superfast and searingly hot. For example, induction is super-effective at bringing water to the boil quickly, for fast cooking like stir frying and for taking your pan back to high temperatures quickly after cold ingredients have been added. One the other end of the spectrum, induction is also very slow and gentle. For example, on setting 1, you can melt chocolate without a bain marie, in fact the chocolate can sit, gently melted, all day without burning. Induction is fantastic for emulsions such as bernaise sauce.

The other key benefit of induction is that it is easy to clean. Not only because of the wipe-clean beautiful flat glass surface, but also because there are no elements heating the glass, so any spill-overs are less likely to burn onto the surface. For the same reason, that the cooktop surface is not heated directly, induction is much safer to use.

Smeg induction cooktops also feature digital touch controls for the various customisable cooking zones. Finally, Smeg induction hobs feature an ECO-logic mode which limits their power consumption to 2.8 kW.