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Smeg cookers must always be positioned completely level (use a spirit level when adjusting the feet) to ensure optimum and safe operation. If your freestanding cooker has an electric cooktop, the Australian Standards require a minimum of 600mm free space from the cooktop to the rangehood. If your freestanding cooker has a gas cooktop, the Australian Standards require a minimum of 650mm free space from the top of the trivet to the rangehood. Please be sure to use a licensed plumber or gas-fitter for correct installation and adherence to the appropriate building codes and standards which vary in each State of Australia. Failure to comply with regulations and faulty installation, may affect your warranty.

Smeg freestanding cookers feature a special cooling system which keeps the front and sides of the cooker cool, meaning you can safely install them between kitchen furniture.

The top surface of the cooker must be at the same height as the adjacent worktop.

We recommend using specific Smeg products for cleaning pan stands and burners, such as the PAIX-1 cleaning cream and kitchen towel. As a rule of thumb, the more you clean, the longer the steel will stay shiny. Steel will turn black as a result of oxidation or the use of excessively large pots or pans (diameter greater than 26cm) or the cast iron griddle.

The cast iron trivets must always be hand washed using a neutral detergent (i.e. washing up liquid). Lemon juice, chlorine or bleach should not be used. Consequently, avoid washing them in the dishwasher as the harsh dishwasher detergents could affect the finish. To remove stubborn dried-on dirt, use a brass bristle bbq brush and then rinse clean. Always be sure to allow the trivets to dry thoroughly.

We recommend using hot soapy water (using washing-up detergent) and finishing with a microfibre cloth. To keep the stainless steel looking good, you can also treat the surface, from time to time with a stainless steel cleaner, which will lubricate and polish the surface. Read the directions and test in an inconspicuous spot first. Always be sure to polish with the grain of the stainless steel for best results.

The main advantage of induction hobs can be seen in the cooking times. Faster than traditional gas cooking, the induction cooking technique is hugely beneficial when it comes to boiling water or heating oil in preparation for frying, for instance. Other benefits include the easy clean flat glass surface and the various cooking zone options.

Smeg gas-on-glass hobs, a feature of selected cooker models, use thick tempered glass. However, like all kinds of glass, it can break if subjected to heavy blows or exposed to very high temperatures.

If your Smeg freestanding cooker does not have an EVER CLEAN enamel lining on the inside or the specific Pyrolytic or Vapor Clean cleaning programmes, then it should be cleaned using hot soapy water (washing up detergent) and dried with a microfibre cloth to leave it looking shiny.

Smeg uses the best, high quality materials, so it's wise to keep them looking good by cleaning them frequently - ideally after every use - and not allowing burnt-on food to remain on the surfaces for long. Cleaning little and often will keep your appliances always looking their best. Hot soapy water (using normal washing-up detergent) should tackle most spills and splashes and drying with a microfibre cloth will give you a streak-free shiny finish. You can also use general purpose household cleaners, but do not use products with high acidity, such as citrus based cleaning products, as this can effect the surfaces and have been known to dissolve away some of the function symbols on control panels. You can also use stainless steel cleaners from time to time, to lubricate and polish the stainless steel. Always spot-test in an inconspicuous area first and be sure to polish with the grain of stainless steel for best results.

Smeg's top-of-the-range, Opera series freestanding cookers feature Smeg's latest Thermoseal and Smeg's Cool Door technologies which include excellent cavity insulation, forced-air ventilation and tangential cooling system and three or four panes of heat reflective glass to ensure that the outer door surface remains safe to touch. Smeg C9 models are double-glazed with forced airflow cooling, so whilst they will feel warm, they are not scalding hot.

Yes, the oven cooling fan will continue to operate for around 20 minutes after the appliance has been switched off to enable the oven to cool down more quickly.

Selected freestanding cooker models come with the rotisserie kit as standard. Talk to your local retailer for more information on the features and benefits of each model, or contact us for more information.

A feature of various Smeg freestanding cooker models, the pizza stone can be easily cleaned using vinegar and a non-abrasive sponge before a final rinse. A handy tip to keep your stone as clean as possible is to always slip a sheet of greaseproof paper underneath your pizza or the food to be cooked.

Open the storage drawer beneath the oven - the sticker which has the model number is placed here. For more information refer to your instruction manual. Should you require further assistance please contact us.