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Cooktop: gas


Smeg has developed a series of innovative burners such as the ultra-rapid double control dual flame burner, whose two parts can be used independently - inner ring for slower cooking, outer ring for quicker cooking - or they can work together for dishes that require quick and intensive cooking methods. Smeg pioneered vertical flame high performance burners - real power is transferred to the pot as the flames spread to match the diameter of the underside of the pan. This causes heat to concentrate, resulting in a high performance burner that cooks faster than a traditional gas burner.


A device designed to stop flammable gas going to the burner of a gas appliance if the flame is extinguished, thus preventing a dangerous build-up of gas. Causes of flame failure include a gust of wind, temporary interruption of gas supply, gas under-pressure, liquid overspill, or even draught from an oven door being opened and closed.