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Commercial Design: Classic

Classic: Architectural detailing for elegant and essential design

Classic is the name given to the first design range that Smeg developed in conjunction with world-renowned architect, Guido Canali (watch the interview). The range is distinctive for the way it uses the essence of stainless steel with rigourous style. From the beginning of the project it became clear that Smeg's technical ability with steel combined with Canali’s passion for architectural principles would originate a design where the truth and absolute integrity of the material would shine through.  

The Classic range (which includes freestanding, built-in and compact ovens, coffee machines and cooktops) is recognised by the distinctive and now famous control knob and the handles of the ovens – refined, modern shapes which hint at industrial style. The Classic control, fashioned over 30 years ago, is a design masterpiece - intuitive to use, ergonomic and stylish.

The Classic range also features some of the world’s most sophisticated technology such as the A1PYID, the world’s first freestanding cooker combining induction technology with a pyrolytic, Thermoseal oven - the level of functionality and performance in Classic products places them among the most advanced in the world.

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