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Smeg has enjoyed a long standing relationship with Australia. It’s a little-known fact that in 1971, Smeg manufactured the hugely successful range of dishwashers in Australia under the “Dishlex” brand name. In 1986, the Smeg brand was introduced to Australia in its own right, with exclusive distribution rights then being granted to the company, Omega Appliances, owned by Entrepreneur, Jim Woodward.

Since then, the Smeg brand has become a household name in Australia for premium cooking and kitchen appliances - and in January 2011 the franchise was reinstated into the Smeg Group as a wholly owned subsidiary known as Smeg Australia Pty Ltd, headed up by Managing Director, Andrew Cronin.

Smeg founding owner, Mr. Vittorio Bertazzoni seated closest to the window on the right

Smeg Australia has two offices in Australia, the headquarters in
Sydney and a new office and showroom launched in Melbourne in November 2011. Smeg Australia also has an extensive network of distributors servicing the whole country with showrooms in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Launceston, Newcastle and Wagga Wagga.

Real people, real service

Smeg Australia has a dedicated team of staff with over 850 years of experience in the business! Smeg is a family owned business and Smeg Australia has a predominantly family-oriented culture. The average length of service in the company is 9.7 years, so Smeg staff are known for being honest, open and reasonable, for having integrity and above all for working together with customers to provide business solutions which are mutually beneficial.

Smeg Australia Pty Ltd, Melbourne team