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Smeg dishwashers: designed for high-performance washing

Smeg dishwashers: innovations for high-performance washing

Smeg benefits from more than 30 years’ technical experience developing professional disinfectors in the medical and dental industries and over 40 years in domestic dishwashing. This has enabled Smeg to pioneer innovations like the exclusive orbital and shuttle wash systems, which guarantee optimum water distribution for a better clean.

Smeg is proud to introduce the “semi-pro” dishwasher – a domestic dishwasher which utilises the innovations from Smeg’s industrial machines to produce the fastest full-power wash in just 16 minutes.

Smeg’s continual development in dishwashing engineering has most recently resulted in Australia’s first 6 Star WELS water rated dishwasher. The new “315” series high-performance dishwashers wash in as little as 9.8 litres of water.

Smeg’s dishwashers are smarter, cleaner, quieter and greener than ever before.

Smarter. Smeg’s dishwashers are easy to load, with versatile baskets and new flexi-duo cutlery trays, with easy-to-use intuitive control panels. In advanced models, Smeg’s Aquatest sensor automatically adjusts the water, temperature and wash action to suit the load. All Smeg dishwashers are fitted with Acquastop to prevent flooding.

Cleaner. A feature of all Smeg dishwashers, Smeg’s orbital wash or patented shuttle systems deliver full power to the entire load.

Quieter. Smeg has improved tank design, developed vibration-limiting plinths, and redesigned the internal hydraulics so they are even quieter on every wash.

Greener. Smeg dishwashers save both water and energy. Smeg’s greener platform has been achieved without water recycling, so you’re always getting a hygienic result.

As well as freestanding, underbench, semi and fully integrated models, Smeg offers Tall Tank, 90cm horizontal, 45cm, compact and even Retro options.

  • DWAFI4510new

    Smeg 45cm fully-integrated dishwasher

  • DWAFI315POnew

    Smeg 60cm fully-integrated dishwasher, TALL TANK, PUSH TO OPEN

  • DWAUP364X

    Smeg 60cm underbench dishwasher Professional series

  • DWAFIP364

    Smeg 60cm fully integrated dishwasher Professional series

  • DWAFI315T

    Smeg 60cm fully-integrated dishwasher, TALL TANK

  • DWAFI314

    Smeg 60cm fully-integrated dishwasher

  • DWAI314X

    Smeg 60cm semi-integrated dishwasher

  • DWAI315XT

    Smeg 60cm semi-integrated dishwasher, TALL TANK

  • DWAU314X1

    Smeg 60cm underbench dishwasher

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