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Smeg coffee machines: a statement in taste

If you're serious about your coffee, why not consider a Smeg built-in, fully automatic coffee machine? The machines are so easy to use and you can tailor your cup to suit your personal taste - from the strength of coffee (from extra-mild to extra-strong), to the length of coffee (from espresso to long). Temperature and grind are also adjustable and each cup is freshly ground to optimise the flavour and crema, or there’s a scoop option for those who prefer pre-ground blends.

The professional-style milk steamer with optimum pressure, allows you to switch from one style of milk to another as a professional Barrista would.

A Smeg coffee machine is the ultimate style statement and the perfect complement to your Smeg appliances.

  • CMS645Xnew

    Smeg coffee machine Classic design

  • CMS6451Xnew

    Smeg coffee machine Classic design

  • CMSC451

    Smeg coffee machine Linear design

  • CMSC451NE

    Smeg coffee machine Black Linear

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